Sunday, May 12, 2013

Overseas Derby

The tent poles arrive, and work their magic ways.

Foreign Box Office -- (Total Worldwide Cume)

1) Iron Man 3 -- $90,000,000 -- ($948,993,000)

2) The Great Gatsby -- 00 -- ($51,115,000 U.S.-Canada)

3) Star Trek Into Darkness -- $31,700,000 -- ($31,700,000)

4) The Croods, -- $20,900,000 -- ($536,415,477)

5) Oblivion -- $15,564,150 -- ($242,555,765) ...

Iron Man 3 will blast through the billion-dollar marker in a day or three. (Marvel-Disney is on a roll, so it's hardly a surprise that Walt Disney Animation Studios is partnering with Marvel for Big Hero Six.)

The Croods will likely level off at around $600 million. (It's now #7 domestically, after hanging in the Top Five since its initial release.)

Star Trek Into Darkness, already out in various foreign markets, unspools domestically later this week and will have a shot at the top spot.


Dave Rand said...

The Americans: They are only making a %1,000 profit in the first weeks, and creating an annuity into eternity... there's obviously no room for a vfx union, or a trade association, or to pay back all the international taxpayers they scammed into financing their movies ..and for free ! ..while making sure no other country starts making their own VFX rich content ..The American Dream Machine ....get real.

Terry Reilly said...

yes, Dave Rand... it's a well oiled machine. I think step by step some efficient structure can also be regained for film workers & production studios, but not until most of us start working together. we need people like yourself & other strong representatives to help is act & pull us all together.Could there ever be an one world wide representative body or union to tie us under the one umbrella,(As we have to move country every year!) not separate unions in different countries filled with people ranting about a different set of issues. your doing a great job!

AgNO3 said...

No Terry there can't be one union AS Unions in China are ILLEGAL. So no one is ever going to get them to be in a union or trade association.

Terry Reilly said...

I didn't realize that. What about all countries that do allow unions? Is that even possible? what would that entail?

Terry Reilly said...

That is very unfair that unions, trade unions are not able to exist in China, how could this be resolved?

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