Friday, June 13, 2014

At Fox Animation

I spent the morning at FA on Wilshire Boulevard. overall, the staff on Fox Animation's two prime-time shows is serene. ...

Not only is work continuing steadily on both Family Guy and American Dad, but TBS (Turner Broadcasting System) has picked up more shows for Dad, which means that the crew will be working into next year.

We got the word last week that the back fifteen episodes were getting picked up. The writers found out close to their deadlines they were being held over, and that's when everyone else found out. People are going to have hiatuses, but they'll be coming back to work after that. Good news.

The main question I got from staffers on Family Guy and American Dad staffers was, "How's the animation biz doing?" I replied that employment levels are up due to the expansion in television product, and even though we are losing some work to Canada, employment levels are higher today than a couple of years ago. (It's hard for our fine, entertainment conglomerates to resist those subsidies. If the playing field was level, we would have more employment.)


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