Monday, June 30, 2014

Biggest Openings

Anything strike you about this list of big openings over the past few months?

Biggest Opening Weekends -- 2014

Transformers -- $97.5 million

Captain America -- $95 million

Godzilla -- $93.1 million

Amazing Spider Man 2 -- $91.6 million

The X Men; Days of Future Past -- $90.8 million

Maleficent -- $69.4 million

The Lego Movie -- $69.0 million

22 Jump Street -- $57 million

Divergent -- $54.6 million

How To Train Your Dragon 2 -- $49.4 million

All but two of these candidates are heavy with animation. And two of the movies have nothing but animation inside them.

Tent poles with lots of animated effects are the order of the day. So there's going to be a lot of people sitting at computers making the entertainment the world craves.

Bodes well for jobs in the global marketplace, particularly jobs in geographic locales where governments are throwing money at our fine, entertainment conglomerates. (Vancouver? I'm talking about you).


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