Sunday, May 29, 2016

Connecticut Trims Free Money Handouts??

Canadian provinces aren't the only one scaling back the money donations to movie companies.

... In recent years, the state [of Connecticut] has focused more on productions that appear on much smaller screens.

“We still have films that are shooting here, but really the lion’s share of the production activity in the state is split between television and digital media. It’s sort of our niche. That’s sort of where we hunt,” said George Norfleet, director of Connecticut’s Office of Film, Television and Digital Media. ...

Filmmakers are also dismayed by the decision to suspend the state tax credits for feature films for two years, starting July 1, 2015. A group urged state legislators this year to exempt small productions that cost less than $2 million from the suspension.

While the provision didn’t make it into the final budget deal this year, it will likely be resurrected in the next legislative session. ...

State subsidies that governments like to hand out are always susceptible to political pressure. Some politicians says "Why are we doing all these subsidies?!" and voters say Right on!" and put the mouthy politician into office.

And next thing you know, more like-minded pols get catapulted into office and suddenly the tax subsidies are melting away.

But hey! Free money forever! Or until the disgruntled citizenry rises as one to throw the subsidizers out.


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