Sunday, May 15, 2016

International B.O.

... where super heroes and animation remain in force.


Captain America: Civil War -- $84,200,000 -- ($940,892,078)

The Angry Birds Movie -- $43,000,000 -- ($43,000,000)

The Jungle Book -- $15,200,000 -- ($828,060,110)

Zootopia -- $4,700,000 -- ($969,830,439) ...

And the trade journals tell us:

Sony has come in with numbers for the international debut of The Angry Birds Movie which took off with $43M in 74 markets. In 37 of those, it grabbed the No. 1 perch. It also scored a record May opening for an original animated film. The inaugural flight topped The Lego Movie by 20% in the same grouping of markets and at current exchange rates. ...

With $296M domestically and $645M internationally, [Captain America: Civil War] is the No. 2 film of the year globally and the No. 1 film of the year internationally after 19 days of release. It had a 61% drop this frame from last, but differed according to the region. China pushed ahead to a running cume of $155.8M and Korea is at $60.1M. ...

Meanwhile, The Jungle Book, which passed $800M global on Friday, is now the No. 5 Disney live action movie ever and the No. 6 internationally. It added $15.2M in its 6th weekend of overseas release from 50 material markets, swinging the international total to $516.3M and the global cume to $828.06M. The hits keep coming. With Zootopia at an estimated $970M, Disney now has three of the top four films of the year globally with three consecutive releases grossing over $800M. ...

Clearly, there are just too many animated features in the global marketplace, except not.

What the Wise Talking Heads always miss is that animation is just a format of presentation. Animation doesn't cannibalize other animation any more than live-action cannibalizes live-action. When audiences want to see something, they go pay their money and watch it. Does anybody seriously think that people look at the playlist of their local cineplex and say: "Oops. Too many cartoons showing week. So we better not go see one."

If there's a title that Mom, Dad and the kids want to goggle at, they'll do so. Funny how that works.


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