Saturday, May 14, 2016


Fifty-plus years ago.

Left to right: Ralph Hulett, unknown, Walt Disney, unknown, Ward Kimball, Peter Ellenshaw.

This picture was taken in the early sixties, out near the present home of California Institute of the Arts, and was sent to us by Disney producer Don Hahn, who discovered it in the Diz Co. archives. It likely hasn't been seen in decades.

(Why put this photograph up here? It's the weekend, ladies and gents. And it's a rarity. And it's got Walt Disney in it.)

About the people in the picture: Ralph Hulett (my father) was a Disney background artist and landscape artist. He came to the studio in 1938 and remained until his death in 1974.

Ward Kimball was one of Disney's "Nine Old Men" and a veteran animator, director, and animation producer.

Peter Ellenshaw was a veteran matte artist and Academy Award winner, also a landscape painter of renown. Mr. Ellenshaw joined the Disney organization in the early 1950s. (His son Harrison, also a matte artist, Oscar winner, and longtime Disney employee, created mattes for the original Star Wars.)


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