Sunday, May 22, 2016


The fourth and final "Overwatch" short from Blizzard Entertainment headquartered down in Irvine, california.

"Overwatch" is a video game that launches on May 24th. Like most video games in the present age, shorts and featurette advertising the game get put up on the internet ... like this one today.

So. What happened to the robot at the opening of the short?

Add On: Inquistr speculate about this franchise's future:

... Overwatch’s animated shorts show the potential for Overwatch to be a mainstream success, bringing more than just video games to the scene. If Overwatch is successful, the animated shorts show the potential for longer animated features, toys, and more starring Overwatch characters.

“With the final cinematic trailer, Blizzard might as well be teasing an entire cinematic universe based around their universally appealing characters. These stories are crafted with immense attention to detail and design that rival some of the best animated films currently released in full. This is only one avenue that is available to Blizzard if they’re looking to expand their Overwatch brand beyond their video game.” ...


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