Saturday, July 14, 2007

B.O. Plenty

At the height of summer, the box office derby sizzles as the latest Harry Potter collects $26.2 million on his first Friday of release. The boy wiz has already taken in $88.8 million in the U.S. and Canada...

In second place, the big robots collect $10.9 million as Transformers closes in on a $200 million gross.

And Ratatouille -- in the show position -- spoons up $5,340,000 and a $130.3 million domestic total.

Update: The weekend stats are in, and there are few surprises.

* Harry Potter and the Whatever It Is harnesses $77.4 million and a total of $140 million after its first weekend...

* Transformers drops 49% but still collects $36 million for its second weekend (and a cume of $223 million).

* Ratatouille declines 38% for an $18 million weekend and a $143 million running total. (And here's a dandy chart showing how the latest Pixar feature has done compared to other Pixar features. Be sure to scroll down through the whole thing.)

* Surf's Up appears to have vanished from the rankings, but I know it's out there someplace.

* Shrek the Third has pretty much run its course, declining three slots -- number 13 to number 16 -- while collecting $615,000. Its domestic Grand Total stands at $318 million, making it the third highest animated film (U.S. and Canada).

* Out of eleven top-ranked features, seven have collected more than $100 million.


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