Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Starz Media and Cartoon Network

The studios on my "to do" list for Monday-Tuesday were Starz Media and Cartoon Network.

At Starz, lots of the crew have now seen The Simpsons Movie and think it works well. (A couple of them said: "I was wondering how it would come together. It's funny! And it's not too long." The thumbs up is apparently shared by most of the world's film critics.)

Many of the people who've been on lay-off are now back from hiatus and working madly on the half-hour shows once more.

And I'm told that one of the other shows produced in the building -- Wow Wow Wubbzy -- will be coming back for a new season.

Over at Cartoon Network, things are somewhat quiet, as staff waits for the new topkick of CN to settle into place and decide on what shows the studio will next make.

The high point for me this afternoon was looking at animation for Class of 3000, now in its second season. The crew is creating some amazing images for the musical sections of the show.


Anonymous said...

you've got to be joking. CLASS OF 3000 may be the most awful cartoon of all time and the fact that they created a show around some second rate hiphop 'star' is pathetic. CN used to be the network that appreciated cartoons created by cartoonists...this show is the opposite of that.

Steve Hulett said...

I haven't seen the show. And so have no opinion of it.

I'm only commenting on the animation clips I saw for music videos embedded in C/3000.

The animation -- of the flash variety -- was good. Nicely designed, nicely executed.

Hope that clarifies things and offends you less.

Anonymous said...

Cartoon Network really stinks now a days, i do miss the old cartoon network. good thing we have 2 better choices on the telly.

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