Saturday, July 28, 2007

Box Office D'Oh

The Simpsons Movie opens at #1 in a big,big way.

The Yellow Family's $29,100,000 Friday take places it at #15 on the one-day opening list, and second only to Shrek the Third in the animated feature category.

All this and hand-drawn too. Who would have thunk it? (I believed the flick would open in the $50-70 million range. Just a trifle low.)

Congratulations to the hard-working animation crews that made this all happen!

Update: Well whattayaknow? The Simpsons Movie comes in above my most wildly optimistic estimate of $70 million:

“The Simpsons Movie” turned doughnuts into dollars over the weekend, raking in $71.9 million to debut as the top movie this week.

“Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” from Warner Bros., fell to third place with $17.1 million, a 48 percent drop from last week. The film has grossed $242 million domestically after three weeks in theaters.

And as the dust settles, the Yellow Family has itself bragging rights to the third biggest animation opening (U.S.) of all time.

Meanwhile, Ratatouille falls from #5 to #7 as it takes in another $7.2 million and climbs to a shade under $180 million domestic gross.


Anonymous said...

just think of their profit margin for sending all that animation over seas!

Steve Hulett said...

Not all that much, actually.

The flick cost $75 million.

Anonymous said...

A former disney, and WB employee. I will not go see the movie. I protest with any work going over overseas, this is an insult to me.
I speak for myself, but this is Los Angeles why is there any work going out?

Anonymous said...

Boy, are you clueless...if you actually had a clue you'd know that many of your employable brethern actually found work on this film...I'm assuming you didn't. I wonder why...?

Anonymous said...

FYI there is A LOT! of animation that is not happening in L.A. 2 of the biggest feature animation houses aren't in L.A.

Steve Hulett said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve Hulett said...

Disney sent animation work overseas on both Tron and Little Mermaid. Both those films were made in the 1980s.

If you refuse to work for an L.A. animation studio that doesn't send any work out, you will be looking for employment for a long, long time.

Steve Hulett said...

...and if you refuse to view any animation created overseas, then there won't many 'toons you'll be watching.

Except maybe old ones.

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