Friday, July 20, 2007

The Family Guy and American Dad Junket

Yesterday was my time to amble about the Fox Animation studio, located on Wilshire Boulevard in what used to be the heart of the slick and chic section of Los Angeles. (The tar pits and Museum are just a stone's throw away.)...

American Dad has been picked up for its fourth season, with designers, board artists and revisionists rolling onto it over the next month or so. One staffer said to me: "I think the writing on the shows is getting stronger. "American Dad" is finding its own identity, and the dvd sales are good. Fox is happy. And I'm happy we've been picked up."

The AD unit used to be way the hell and gone on the other side of the building from Family Guy. Now, however, it's right next door, so that probably is a useful thing.

The WGAw has a deal with Fox for the writing of its prime-time animation shows that includes AD and FG. So there's understandable concern among the artists at Fox Animation about how the WGA/AMPTP negotiations are going. If there's a strike, particularly a lengthy one, they know it's going to impact their jobs, and not in a a good way.


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