Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Con Has Been On

A few words about Comic-Con (since it's ubiquitous on the intertubes and in San Diego...)

I've attended one Comic-Con. It was in the late 1970s, and it was held at ... (drum roll) ... the El Cortez Hotel high on a hill in mid-town San Diego.

There were a lot of people (then as now) wandering around in Star Wars costumes.

There were a lot of folks sitting at tables selling comic books.

It was way, way smaller.

But TAG veep Earl Kress attended the festivities this year, and reports:

Last night was “Preview Night”, which was a preview of the huge and unwieldy crowds that have descended on San Diego. There were people walking around with cardboard shields with the movie logo of 300 on them. That doesn’t begin to estimate the crowd. Add up the figures on all those shields and you might be close.

But Wednesday was all about Master Replicas Muppet Photo Puppets for me. First up, here is the final version of Animal, that growling drummer from the Electric Mayhem.

Animal is currently available for pre-order and while there are no firm promises, Travis of Master Replicas expects Animal to begin shipping this fall...

I get the idea that Comic-con isn't the small, friendly little convention for comic book geeks anymore. 1977 is a looong ways away...

More about CC here, here and here. Oh, and also here.


Anonymous said...

Aparently, some rioting occurred!!!


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