Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sony Adelaide in Culver City

Culver Studios in 1920. Mansion look familiar? It's in the front title of Gone With The Wind. Sony Adelaide used to be across the street from it, then four blocks south of it. The big house is still there, looking pretty much the same...

A few years ago, Sony Adelaide was the largest television animation studio in Los Angeles. It was housed in a large concrete building below the Culver Studios, a hundred yards from Ballona Creek -- a concrete-lined waterway that courses like an arrow to Marina Del Rey. A half-century ago, the property was part of the "Forty Acre" backlot (actually 28 acres) where King Kong, Gone With the Wind and The Andy Griffth Show was filmed.

SA was roaring at the time, producing Jackie Chan, Men in Black, Spider Man and a host of other half-hour episodics. Now Adelaide is quieter, headquartered on the second floor of a warehouse on Fairfax near Washington Boulevard. Just outside of the Culver City boundaries.

It's among the most interesting studios that I visit...

The upstairs space is a series of linoleumed hallways and low-ceilinged offices in which I usually get lost. Adelaide has, hands down, the most unique breakroom I've seen: a big room with an orange floor, white and red walls, two long black couches and copper lamps. The animation crews work in cubicles and offices arrayed oaround other large rooms.

Just now The Boondocks latest season is in post, the new incarnation of Spiderman is in full bore production, and several pilots (including a new iteration of American Dragon) are in development.

Always fun to wander around down there. What's not fun is driving to Culver City and back on the 405 freeway.

Addendum: Oops. I have a mistake here. It's Dragon Tales that might be put back into production (74 episodes so far). American Dragon is a Disney show. My bad.


Anonymous said...

"What's not fun is driving to Cuvler City and back on the 405 freeway."

Groan... I totally agree.

-A Burbankian

Anonymous said...

Agreed. C'mon Adelaide - get with the program and relocate to Burbank like everyone else.

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