Sunday, July 22, 2007

Son of Links -- Simpson Mania Edition

End of the weekend, and still more animation links, all centered around the Yellow Family's big screen debut:

Like, New Englanders name their favorite Simpsons characters:

JAMES LYNCH, Dropkick Murphys guitarist Milhouse Van Houten:

’’Just hearing his name mentioned by any other character will set me off. The classic goofy sidekick, whose mere presence can change a scene, Milhouse is one of many secondary characters who give the Simpson family a chance to shine. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with me, but a glimpse into the crippling emotional pain that runs his life always brings a smile to my face.’’

JOHN UPDIKE, Author and "Simpsons" guest voice:

‘‘I’m partial to the skinny guy who owns the power plant, Mr. Burns. I like Mr. Burns because he’s a man of drive. You can identify with his desires: to control things and get richer.’’

Matt Groenig reveals the secrets of Marge Simpson's luxuriant coif:

The “Simpsons” matriarch’s impressive hair was inspired by “The Bride of Frankenstein” and by his own mother’s hairdo from the 1960s, the series’ creator told The New York Times Magazine in an interview published Sunday.

The London Times breaks the embargo with a Simpsons Movie review (four stars out of five, and "spoiler alert" at the top. Commenters' condemnations at the bottom).

Other Brit commentators are dizzy with eager anticipation of the Big Movie opening next week:

...[T]he arrival of The Simpsons movie has left me in the condition of a child in the week before Christmas, willingly wishing my life away the sooner to usher in its arrival. I simply can't wait.

The thought of spending 90 minutes watching the king of all numbskulls inflated to giant size, bumbling and fumbling across the cinema screen is almost overwhelming. Homer, here I come...

Lastly. DreamWorks and Pixar have their tentpole projects, and Rupert's marauders' have theirs:

The team behind Fox's hit animated show Family Guy has been looking at possibly working on a Family Guy movie down the line, creator Seth McFarlane told the Hollywood Reporter...

McFarlane...said he would like to find a small story about the Griffin family that can be explored ina feature-length film. "I don't want to do 'The Griffins must save the world'"...

Have a joyous workweek (if at all possible).


Anonymous said...

In that article John Kerry succeeds at making himself look even more desperate and pathetic than previously thought. Just crawl under a rock and go away already.

Anonymous said...

A John Kerry comment? Really? You took time out of your day to slam John Kerry? Do you also cross the street to kick one-legged puppies?

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