Friday, July 20, 2007

TAG's Newest Family Member

Imagi, as you may or may not know, is a tyro cgi studio in Hong Kong. Founded in 2000, about a year ago it set up a branch office in Sherman Oaks that focuses on story and visual development for the mother ship back on the other side of the Pacific.

Today, the Animation Guild finalized a deal with Imagi.

It's been a while in coming. I first found out they were doing business in the middle of the San Fernando Valley some months ago, when members started telling me they had arrived in town and were hiring. (I already knew that Imagi was the studio that had done DreamWorks Animation's production work for Father of the Pride.) We started collecting representation cards, and a while later, I had a brief meeting with one of their execs.

I've had sporadic contact with Imagi since. The company, I'm delighted to say, wasn't hostile about becoming part of our little animation family of signator studios.

And today I rolled over to Sherman Oaks to meet with the crew and corporate execs, answer questions, and sign documents. I had a long, question-and-answer with the staff where I gave my lecture about the Motion Picture Industry Pension and Health Plan, the Animation Guild 401(k) Plan, and the joys of becoming one of the United States' most noble minorities (a union worker.)

Most everyone seemed generally upbeat, and I departed in the early afternoon wishing a long and happy corporate life for Imagi.


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