Friday, August 10, 2007

The Adventures of Moe (Part 3)

In part 3 of his reminiscences of Moe Gollub, Mark Kirkland talks about Moe's time on the east coast in Comic Book Land (Dell comics and Tarzan), Moe's years at Hanna-Barbera, and Moe hiring a young Cal Arts artist named Mark Kirkland to be his assistant.

ABOVE: Models for Wilbur from Charlotte's Web (1973) BELOW: Cover for Dell Comics Tarzan #71 (August 1955). Artwork by Moe Gollub

Gollub Tarzan cover

What comes through is Moe Gollub's love of art and his passion for the work. (This made it hard on Mark when Moe was criticizing Mark's early layouts, because it's never easy to suffer under the lash of a volcanic and opinionated boss. But Mark survived quite nicely...)

What's amazing to me here is that even decades after the '41 Disney strike, old Disney hands were still suspicious of Gollub when he applied for work at H-B. Old grudges die hard.

Hit the Play button on the widget to listen to part 3 of the interview, or click on this link to download it.


Anonymous said...


I have a painting signed by M. Gollub on the back, in 2 different spots. The painting is roughly 2' x 3'.

It is a black and white painting of8 American Indians on horses, running around, with lots of motion and character. The painting has a 1.5" red stained simple square frame.

This painting was left to me by my father, who said that he found it in an abandoned theater in Missouri.

I am wondering if anyone knows anything about this painting or what it might be a painting of?

Thanks for your help, please contact for pictures me via my email address:

Richard Buchanan

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