Friday, August 03, 2007

The Moe Gollub Story

Moe Gollub Tarzan #70

Consider this a "teaser" post.

Moe Gollub was an artist, teacher, union activist, and President of TAG during some of the most turbulent times in its history.

During the Animation Guild industry-wide strikes of 1979 and 1982, Moe was front and center leading the job action. I met him on the picket line in front of Hanna-Barbera in 1982...

Moe was, first and foremost, a guy who cared about artists getting a fair shake with their employers. It was why he and the late Dave Hilberman were the first Disney artists to sign representation cards, several years before the 1941 strike. It was why he got active in Animation Guild politics in the 1970s and 1980s.

Moe has been gone for almost a quarter century now, but veteran Simpsons director Mark Kirkland will be remembering him as teacher, mentor and friend in a series of TAG podcasts next week.

Tell your neighbors.

Above: Cover of Dell Comics Tarzan #70 (July 1955) by Moe Gollub. Below: Model sheet for the Goose from Hanna-Barbera's Charlotte's Web (1973), by Moe Gollub. From the collection of Mark Kirkland.

Charlotte's Web geese


Anonymous said...

Morris Gollub was the Michaelangelo of Tarzan comicbooks-- I would love to be able to buy a (reasonably priced) collection of his comic art. contact me through

Anonymous said...


I have a painting signed by M. Gollub on the back, in 2 different spots. The painting is roughly 2' x 3'.

It is a black and white painting of8 American Indians on horses, running around, with lots of motion and character. The painting has a 1.5" red stained simple square frame.

This painting was left to me by my father, who said that he found it in an abandoned theater in Missouri.

I am wondering if anyone knows anything about this painting or what it might be a painting of?

Thanks for your help, please contact me via my email address:

Contact me for photos.

Richard Buchanan

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