Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Mornings on "Family Guy/Dad"

For once I got over to Wilshire Boulevard and the Fox Animation Studios early enough to spend a good amount of time intermingling with both "Family Guy" and "American Dad" crews. (It helps when traffic is good.)

American Dad, the crew tells me, has been picked up for a new season and everyone seems pleased about continued employment.

Family Guy, of course, has never ceased being a money-making comedy dynamo, and will probably go on for years, with maybe a big-screen version in its lucrative future:

Seth MacFarlane recently stated he wants to make a Family Guy feature film, but now we have even more. MacFarlane's told us what genre he wants the Family Guy movie to occupy.

"I would like to do a Family Guy movie at some point, MacFarlane said, "I'd like it to be a musical."

A couple of Fox artists and I fell into a conversation about overtime (paid and unpaid) across the animation industry. I said it's a work issue I pretty much steadily work on; one of the artists said:

"I just don't do unpaid overtime. I stay at my desk, work my forty hours and go home. I've learned to work fast and not worry about the hassles..."

He's been at Fox for a good stretch of time, so apparently the forty hours a week routine works for him.


Unknown said...

Hello, it's me again. I really need to talk to Kevin Koch or Steve Hulett and it's really, really, important that I do. My name is Robert Peterson and my e-mail is please contact me.

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This is a blog run by the union, and is prominently idetified as such. They're in the phone book. No mystery as to how to contact them!

Unknown said...

Your words are not needed.

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Obviously they are!


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