Friday, August 03, 2007

Brer Rabbit Hates Brer Big Boss

From a TAG member's collection: two 1947 Dick Moores comic strips, loosely tied to the release Song of the South ...

... featuring the (now) politically incorrect tales of Brer Rabbit:

From September 14, 1947, Brer Rabbit fights injustice (click on the thumbnails for a full-sized version):

And from October 26, 1947, eight days after Walt Disney testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee that the leaders of the Screen Cartoonists Guild were Communists ... it looks like Brer Rabbit needs a union:

"You is rich if you kin break even!"

As I've said before, SOTS is less offensive that GWTW, but we must think of the children. And so the feature will stay buried for the foreseeable future.

(When my father brought it home for the family to watch back in 1960, we had no idea how our minds we're being tainted. Thank God nothing like that could happen today.)


Anonymous said...

This African-American writer/artist wrote a Brer Rabbit story while working at Disney Publishing back in the eighties.

Wonder how many minds I tainted?

Steve Hulett said...

It's better if we don't count...

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