Sunday, August 05, 2007

Worldwide Simpsons

Though The Bourne Ultimatum took a large bite out of Homer Simpson's second weekend grosses, Variety notes that the Yellow Family is still red hot around the globe:

In its debut over the July 27 frame, "Simpsons" raked in $96 million from 71 foreign markets, leaving Homer and his brood yukking it up and making more than Warner Bros.' "Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix" and DreamWorks-Paramount's "Transformers" combined.

Overseas bow marked a stellar launch for the "Simpsons," which has yet to open in several key markets, including Japan, and just opened Aug. 1 in Mexico.

The question that Fox/News Corp is probably asking: "How much worldwide profit will this baby make?"

Guess that depends on how well The Simpsons Movie holds in other global markets. But no matter what the week-to-week declines, it will be lots.

Update: Monday's Variety had a front page article about how well The Simpsons Movie is doing internationally:

Homer and Marge are still living large outside the United States as "The Simpsons Movie" easily led a healthy weekend at the international box office, adding $47.3 million from 6,627 runs in 75 markets to bring the toon's worldwide take to a tidy $315.5 million in 12 days.

Also in Variety, this profile on Nancy "Bart Simpson" Cartwright:

Apart from her full sked on "The Simpsons," "The Replacements" and other shows, Cartwright also heads the Sports Blast LLC production company, but does not appear on its programs--yet. She knows where the action is in the car racing circle, having received her NASCAR Driving License in March. She drove at a top speed of 158.3--with a governor aboard, adding, "I could go 190."


Anonymous said...

that Simpsons movie was absolutely horrible. i want my money and time back. what kind of a script was that? is there a room full of monkeys with typewriters to thank?
what a steaming turd of a film.

if you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and don't. then go out and buy the 5th 6th and 7th seasons of the Simpsons on DVD. thats what the Simpsons is about, not a hackneyed cornball studio film homogenized for the masses and written by a room full of rich pinheads without a clue as to how to keep the audience engaged.

(and for the record, i'm a Simpsons fan - it pained me to see such a pathetic effort)

Andrea said...

That's too bad, Anonymous. I'm a huge Simpsons fan myself, and I loved the film. I found the Itchy & Scratchy bit at the beginning to be the hook line and sinker.

Aside from what I thought, I think the point of this post is to highlight how great an animated film is beating out an even more, "hackneyed cornball studio film" - Harry Potter. Not to mention this weekend's Bourne sequel and Transformers. Just grand!

Steve Hulett said...

My sixteen-year-old found it highly amusing. I haven't yet seen it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous one, your comment is a steaming piece of turd, as you so elocuently put it.

The Simpsons movie succeded in one very important way were the rest of the animated films failed miserably, including made me laugh!...And I'm talking, belly laughs here!!

It may not be perfect. (What happened to the pig?) But I was entertained.

Finally an animated movie that's actually funny!!!


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