Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Mid-Week Studio Steeple Chase

The last few days I've tromped through DisneyToons Studio and Disney TV Animation, also the Nickelodeon Fun Factory.

There's not a lot to report in the way of new shows. I'm told that the old show My Friends Tigger and Pooh (this is the CGI version of the Milne characters, if you're keeping a scorecard), now in its second season, will be moving from the Disney lot to the Disney Glendale facility.

Although there's still quite a bit of work at the studios, employment is pretty "status quo" with a few series, such as Emperor's New School wrapping up and others still in limbo about renewals.

At DisneyToons, Tinkerbell is moving through another pass on its way to a second Lasseter review, and the first sequel to the Tink feature is moving along.

Climbing up to the Toons facility, I was visually struck by the new decor -- lots of retro '50s type stuff: furniture, big hanging lights, it's actually quite cool. And the newer white cubicles have been altered a bit. A little less of the feeling of Civil War tents in a Pennsylvania meadow. (Okay. One cluster feels like General Grant's going to arrive any minute, but other than that...)


Anonymous said...

Is DisneyToons the one Lasseter took control of? How's that working out for him? Is he responsible for the new decor? Possibly to lighten up the atmosphere for the artist?

I wonder what different shows will happen under his tight control?

Steve Hulett said...

Yep, Lasseter is the creative honcho at Toons now. Looks at story reels. Gives notes.

They're proceeding with Tinkerbell (redone with new story line and different characters) and then three new dvd features centered on fairies in the Neverland environment.

Those things have been announced in the press for some time. The studio is working on them full bore. Beyond that, I haven't a clue. What they develop next at DTS might be known to Mr. L., but it isn't to me.

Anonymous said...

I wish Toons would branch out into original content now that sequelitis has been cured. I keep thinking about how "Disney Movietoons" was created and released the DuckTales movie - I've wanted the Ducks to make a return to the screen for a long time. I'd love a serialized adaptation of some of the classic Barks comics.

There are so many obscure corners of the Disney universe to be explored. I hope these guys come up with something cool.

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