Monday, August 20, 2007

Warner Bros. Animation Monday

Strolling inside the Warners/Columbia Ranch...

Like I said before, Warner Bros. Animation at the Warner Bros. (formerly Columbia) Ranch is a hell of a lot more picturesque than the Sherman Oaks Galleria. Trees, movie sets, and a slight breeze out of the Cahuenga Pass. I only wish that production was moving at a more frenzied pace.

But it isn't right now. Most of the crews from Legion and The Batman ended their gigs last week, and there are only just a few folks left. (Batman has wrapped it's fifth season, so they've pretty much topped out the number of half hours they need for perpetual syndication. Scooby Doo the DVD feature (not it's actual name) is also winding down...

Added to which, the latest Tom and Jerry series order is pretty much at an end.

Happily, there's new some super hero DVDs in development that director Bruce Timm talks about here:

..."We've got four scripts in active development, one is 'Teen Titans,' the others I can't tell you about. It's a matter of which script we get into shape at first. The ones I really wanna do are the really weird and obscure ones. I'd kind of like to try something really off trail, but there's not a big market for those."

With a bit of luck and a nudge from the new WB Animation topkick, the studio will get all those cubicles and animation desks occupied in the relatively near future.


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