Saturday, August 11, 2007

CalArts in the 70s (Part 4)

Jules Engel

In the final installment of the TAG Mark Kirkland interview, Mark reminisces about CalArts and the Disney old guard that taught there: Ken O'Connor, T. Hee, Jules Engel, Moe Gollub, Elmer Plummer, and Jack Hannah among others...

And the decades-old disputes and arguments that continued on in the halls and classrooms of CalArts. Who did what on Fantasia? Who did the models for the "Mushroom Dance"? Who was A-list talent and who B-list?

ABOVE: Jules Engel. BELOW: Mark Kirkland and Jules Engel.

Jules Engel and Mark Kirkland

Mark concludes by explaining how the lessons taught by all these artist/teachers has translated to his work on The Simpsons.

(I used a small, micro-recorder for these interviews -- which is fairly obvious. There were also a couple of rambunctious cats who injected themselves into the proceedings.)

Hit the Play button on the widget to listen to part 4 of the interview, or click on this link to download it.


Anonymous said...

Oh. THAT "Mark Kirland." I was wondering who that was.

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