Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The 401(k) Studio Tour

I'm coming to the end of my grand circular jaunt through various animation studios, my sack of 401(k) enrollment book slung over a bony shoulder. In no particular order, here's little snapshots of various mind-sets and doings at different facilities:

At Starz Media, the Simpsons crew is cranking on the 19th season (the first episode being aired this Sunday). And concerned about possible actor and writer (WGA) strikes that might throw a monkey wrench into the gears of their regular season work schedule.

I told them that I don't believe there will be a job action by SAG or WGA much before next June, when the writers could go out with the actors when their collective bargaining agreement is up. (Writers agreement is up the end of October.)

I added: "Im not psychic."

At Disney TVA in the Frank Wells Building, the artists who worked on series down on the second floor (like The Replacements, Secret Agent Oso, etc.) have now moved to an upper floor to be with Phineas and Ferb and others.. Disney TVA now occupies just one floor of Frank Wells rather than two. Artists await the greenlighting of new projects in development, which the Diz Channel may do in the near future.

At Cartoon Network, I'm told that the series Chowder has been picked up for half of a second season. After the show premieres later this year, the new CN honcho will most likely decide whether to greenlight a complete second season.


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