Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mouse 1977, Mouse 2007 (like yesterday)

'77: Ron Miller, Disney President in the mid-seventies, confers with Don Bluth (on right) and Tad Stones (on left.) He stands in front of The Small One boards, a featurette started by Pete Young, then aided and abetted by Vance Gerry, finally changed considerably by Don B.

Ron, always a pleasant guy, departed the company when Michael Eisner and Frank Wells assumed command in 1984... (from the Disney recruitment book, © 1977 WDP.)

And yesterday: Waltzing through the Disney Animation Studio (the hat building), the main topic of conversation was the Labor Day weekend heat wave and how well people survived it. I got a look at a bit of footage from the new Goofy short, which looks good. One of the animators who worked on it said:

The thing turned out real well. It has the flavor of the old 'how to' shorts from the forties. And the narrator sounds exactly like the narrator from back then. You think, 'Where did they dig him up?'


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