Tuesday, September 25, 2007

TAG 2007 Officer Nominations

A looong membership meeting tonight, with a fresh slate of officer and executive board nominees for our upcoming election -- some old and some new.

For President:

  • Francis Glebas

  • Kevin Koch (incumbent)

For Vice President: Earl Kress (incumbent, unopposed).

For Business Agent: Steve Hulett (incumbent, unopposed).

For Recording Secretary: Jeff Massie (incumbent, unopposed).

For Sergeant-At-Arms: Jan Browning (incumbent, unopposed).

For TAG's Executive Board, thirteen candidates for eleven seats:

  • Bronwen Barry (incumbent)

  • Russell Calabrese (incumbent)

  • John Cataldi (incumbent)

  • Nicole Dubuc

  • Bob Foster (incumbent)

  • Cathlin Hidalgo

  • Janette Hulett (incumbent)

  • Karen Carnegie Johnson

  • Cathy Jones (incumbent)

  • Nathan Loofbourrow (incumbent)

  • Karen Nugent (incumbent)

  • Matt Wayne

  • Stephan Zupkas (incumbent)

Since I'm unopposed I'll be continuing with the TAG Blog. The candidates will be blogging over at the TAG Election Blog.

Best of luck to one and all.


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