Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Weekend Grosses

Animated flicks have fallen out of the Top Ten. So what have we got?

Residing at #1 is the horror movie Resident Evil: Extinction. After one day of release, it's stuffed $9.5 million into its greasy craw. (Horror flicks are often bullet-proof at the box office. RE proves to be no exception.)

At #2, the Lionsgate comedy Good Luck Chuck, carrying a load of negative reviews on its back, still managed to rake in $5 million.

And sophomore flick The Brave One, dropped to #3 while running a $20 million total. (Apparently Jodie Foster isn't going to produce Charles Bronson numbers with her Charles Bronson retread.)

The heavily CG epic Dragon Wars fell out of the Top Ten to the Twelfth Position. Its total after a week of release: an anemic $6.7 million...

But how have our two animated specimens -- Ratatouille and The Simpsons Movie -- performed? Quite well, by any sane measure.

The Yellow Family has collected $181.2 million after eight weeks in release.

And the French Rat has run up a cume that ain't too shabby, either.

On the domestic side, however, both features have about run their course.

Update: The weekend totals are in and the horror movie RE collects $24 million (most fright films drop like stones in ther second week...)

Good Luck Chuck hammers down $14 million, while Jodie with a gun (Brave One) declines 44.9% to $7.4 million and a $25.1 million total.

3:10 to Yuma has the smallest drop with 28.9% and a $38 million cume. And Dragon Wars suffers the biggest downdraft with 50.2%. It now clings to the bottom rung of the Top Ten and an $8.4 million domestic total.


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