Saturday, September 01, 2007

Labor Day B.O.

It should be intense in all this sweltering Labor Day heat. I mean, people going to all the air-conditioned theaters and all...

The Friday tabulations are in, and we have new winners...

Halloween the Redo collects $10,950,000 for MGM and the Weinstein Co.

Superbad declines to #2 with $3.5 millin and an $80.5 million total.

Balls of Fury, after its mid-week launch, has $6.3 million in the hopper and the third position....

Fourth place The Bourne Ultimatum stands at $192 million and will soon rocket past the magic $200 million level.

In the animated category, The Simpsons Movie has dropped out of the Top Ten and now stands at $175.6 million, domestic.

Update: Ratatouille over $200 million!

Brad Bird's "failed" French restaurant picture (as some animation commentators -- well, one anyway -- would have it) has now pierced the $200 mill ceiling as it rakes in $1,151,000 on Saturday and Sunday and ascends to $200,726,000. Remy stays at #18 on the box office charts.

And further upstream, the Weinsteins have themselves a tidy little hit with Halloween trick-or-treating $26.5 million on Saturda and Sunday (with the Monday holiday yet to come).

#2 Superbad closes in on the century mark collecting $12.2 million.

New entry Balls of Fury pockets $11.6 million.

And Matt Damon's Bourne Ultimatum knocks up against the $200 mill mark with $10.2 million. (Bourne is tearing up foreign box office -- see above.)


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