Monday, September 17, 2007

"Disney Heroes of Imagination"

Mel Shaw castle

Artist Mel Shaw. The art in this post is not necessarily featured in the Van Eaton exhibit.

As brother Sito noted on his own dandy blog, the Creative Talent Network and Van Eaton Galleries hosted an exhibit/reception Saturday night that honored Mel Shaw, Joe Grant, Walt Stanchfield and Rowland Wilson for their work at Disney Animation Studios (aka Walt Disney Productions) over the years....

Steve Hulett and Tom Sito

Steve Hulett and Tom Sito.

Van Eaton Gallery

Mel Shaw was in attendance, looking almost exactly as he did three decades ago when he was bowling everyone at Disney over with his artwork. (If the man doesn't have a large portrait in his attic, then he's drinking some potion that I'd like him to share...)

Tom Sito and George Scribner

Tom Sito and George Scribner.

There were some great pieces of art decorating the walls, and a spiffy book filled with co-workers' reminiscences. Disney director John Musker was there, as was Simpsons director Mark Kirkland, Don Hahn, George Scribner, and many others. Good times.

Artist: Rowland Wilson, from Disney's Hercules. © Walt Disney Productions.

Rowland Wilson Phil from Hercules


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