Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mid September B.O.

The Fall Season is upon us, and Ms. Jodie Foster jumps into the box office fray and rules the Friday roost as The Brave One lands at #1 with a $4.5 million take...

Mr. Woodcock -- the teacher from hell -- collects $2,750,000 on his opening day of school, while 3:10 to Yuma rids close behind with $2,745,000.

Fourth place Superbad stands at $107,811,000, while on the animation front, The Simpsons Movie is pretty much a spent force as it descendes to #21 and a $180,742,000 gross after fifty days of release.

Update: As the weekend derby wraps up, The Brave One collects $14 million, and sophomore flick 3:10 To Yuma garners $9.1 million for a $28.5 million total. Mr. Woodcock comes in at #3 with $9.1 million (tepid reviews no doubt damaged its final numbers.)

The Korean CGI-live-action blockbuster Dragon Wars landed at #4 with a $5.4 million total. (Lousy reviews probably shot a hole in this pup. What wows them in South Korea doesn't -- apparently -- knock audiences dead here.)

On the animated front, Ratatouille hangs at #25 and a $202.6 million cume, while The Simpsons Movie clings to #16 and a domestic total of $181.3 million.


Aurorah said...
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Aurorah said...

Not to take away from Jodie Foster, but I think that the use of celebrity voices in feature films on the whole are over rated. Usually a person isn't famous for their voice, unless they were doing voice work first. Take Thumper in Bambi, the little boy who played him wasn't any one special, but he had a perfect voice for the character. It had a special fit. Then take Jennifer Aniston's work in Iron Giant. Did you know it was she was even in Iron Giant? My point exactly. The studio probably paid Anniston way more than they would have paid someone less well known, for the sake of the name. Is it really worth that much, when you could achieve a more memorable effect with someone less well known? Why not look for real voice talent that really fits a character to make a lasting impression instead of the latest A-lister with out recent work?

Anonymous said...

I agree that it's a big waste of money to have famous actors voice animated characters.
Some argue that it draws more audience, but that did not help Dreamworks's "Sinbad" at all.

However...what has that to do with the post?


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