Saturday, December 29, 2007

The $100 Million Club

Lookee here. Buena Vista Distribution (also known as the Walt Disney Co.) has two $100 million flicks in the Top Ten...

National Treasure the Second Time Around has taken in $100.6 million as it begins its second weekend at the top of the heap ...

Enchanted, a longtime resident of the Golden Ten, has now collected $106.5 million ....

And then there's Alvin and the Chipmunks, holding fast at the second slot and holding down $122.8 million. (Who would have thought it?)

Update: And the second end-of-year holiday weekend is rather boisterous in terms of pictures holding or increasing their weekend-to-weekend totals.

National Treasure stays on top with $35.6 million (a decline of 20.4%) and a $124 million total.

The wondrous Alvin and the Chipmunks increases its take by 6.5%, adding $6.5 million for a cume of $142.3 million.

Partially-animated The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep lands at #7 and a $9.2 million take.

And Enchanted perks up by 53.9% even as it drops 490 theatres, pulling in $6.5 million for a $110,650,000 total. (This matches its overseas take.)


Floyd Norman said...

Oh, goody!

Looks like we won't have to pass the hat around for Disney this year.

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