Sunday, December 30, 2007

Final Overseas Box Office for 2007

Foreign theatrical grosses seem to be robust as the year draws to a close:

... "National Treasure: Book of Secrets," "Enchanted," "Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem," "Alvin and the Chipmunks, "Bee Movie" -- combined for another $85 million during the frame. So with the top seven entries totaling $165 million, international box office is ending the year on a decidedly upbeat note ...

Animated features have been doing quite nicely around the globe:

... "Enchanted" figures with $20.6 million at 5,304 in 43 markets, giving the family-aimed fantasy a foreign total of $110.7 million -- matching the domestic number. Its fourth Brit frame held nicely, off only 1% to $4.5 million, while its Australian launch looked lively with $3.3 million ...

... Fox's "Alvin" remained solid rather than spectacular with $13.6 million at 3,608 to lift the kidpic's foreign cume to nearly $38 million. Most of the takings came from soph sesh holdovers, led by the U.K. with $2.7 million and France and Germany with $1.9 million each ...

Par's "Bee Movie" buzzed up $13.5 million at 4,904 in 59 markets for a $103 million foreign cume. Toon showed stellar holds with a 12% hike in its third U.K. frame to $2.1 million and a 47% jump in its Italian soph sesh to $1.6 million.

All these solid numbers are good things, because animation is a very market-driven part of the business. The better animated films do, the more people end up working to make additional animated films.


Anonymous said...

Not one mention of the brilliant "Ratatouille," which made $206.5 milion domestically and $409 million overseas.

And it's the best film of the year, too.

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