Monday, December 24, 2007

Yuletide Box Office

End of the year film grosses have come to life, but no flick, apparently, gets to stay on top for long. Last week it was I am Legend. This week it's National Treasure Deux.

National Treasure Book of Repeats reaps $45.5 million in its debut weekend, while the mo-cap treasure I Am Legend drops 55.7% to #2 (not unusual for a horror flick) and reaps $34.2 million. The survivalist story now has $137.5 million in its lock box.

The ever-astounding Alvin and the Chipmunks declines a mere 34.5% to #3, collects $29 million and now stands just shy of $85 million.

Enchanted now lives at the seventh position and is within kissing distance of $100 million ($98.3 million at the end of this weekend.)

Lastly, #18 Bee Movie and #19 Beowulf appear to have run out of fuel. The Zemeckis epic has collected $80.4 million during its domestic run and Bee Movie is near the end of its tether with $123 million.

Just below them at #21? A reissue of The Polar Express which has garnered $1.7 million in 32 Imax 3-D outlets.


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