Friday, December 14, 2007

International Linkfest of Toons

Forget about the darn strike. Erase all thought regarding what animated features are getting produced in Burbank, Glendale and Emeryville. Tonight we examine what's going on out there in those mysterious lands beyond the seas.

For starters, India is working on its most expensive animated feature ever (and it's in three dimensions!):

... The 3D animated 'Sultan-The Warrior' will be an action-gripped adventure movie, featuring Rajnikant as a mythological and larger-than-life hero ...

While media circles speculate that 'Sultan' could be India's most expensive animated film, Ocher Studios Executive Producer Karthik told reporters that the budget would be double than that of any regular Rajnikant movie. [Rajnikant is a long-time Indian superstar].

There hasn't been much stirring at Warner Bros. Animation of late, but there's a little something going on, even though it's overseas:

Three Tokyo toon houses - Studio 4C, Production I.G. and Madhouse -- will animate the six shorts in the "Batman: Gotham Knight" project for Warner Bros. according to a report in "Wizard" magazine.

... According to "Wizard," Bruce Timm will helm all six shorts, based on scripts by American writers, most associated with the "Batman" comic and pic franchises. Other sources, however, say that Japanese anime maestro Satoshi Kon will also helm one or more segments...

Now, if WBA gets more product rolling here, we're on to something.

Halfway around the globe, France is (apparently) hip deep in new, animated features:

After years of being French cinema's poor relation, toons have taken in Gaul.

In a year in which "Persepolis" is repping France at the Oscars, at least a dozen feature-length animated films are in the pipeline ...

"We're seeing a golden age of animation, and I'm very happy about that," says [Eric] Bergeron who, following a path well-trod by other French animators, spent eight years working in Hollywood at a time when no French company was ready to sink big bucks into an animated film ...

Addendum: And the Iranians are getting into the feature animation biz, with assistance from the Japanese:

TEHRAN -- The Hur Institute has decided to make a long animation entitled “Companions of Ashura”, focusing on the companions of Imam Hussein (AS) who were martyred during the events of Ashura in Karbala ...

Have a weekend to remember.


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