Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Weekend Box Office

Lots of animation -- of one type or another -- crowds the top of Friday's box office chart ...

The new ruler at #1 is The Golden Compass, collecting $8.8 million in its debut weekend.

Enchanted drops to #2 with a $2.9 million take and a $76 million total.

Beowulf is now in third position, with $1,340,000 collected on Friday and a $73 cume in the hopper.

Bee Movie has descended to #12 and has $119 million in its honey comb.

Update: The Golden Compass remains #1 Friday to Sunday, collecting an okay-hardly-great $26 million:

New Line’s pricey fantasy epic “The Golden Compass” endured a $26.1 million opening at the domestic box office from 3,528 theaters, a soft debut considering the tentpole’s production budget of at least $180 million...

New Line, which has been touting the film for months as the studio’s next big franchise, didn’t try to veil its disappointment but shifted the focus away from the domestic perf to the overseas box office, where “Compass” grossed $55 million from 25 territories in its day-and-date release. Studio sold off international territories...

In other words, the muscular overseas box office won't help New Line very much. Using the Koch box office multiplier, this opus will most likely finish in the $85 million to $115 million range.

#2 Enchanted takes $10.7 million and now totals $83,865,000.

Beowulf drops 46.5%, down to fifth, making $4.4 million in the process. Wulfie has a $76 million domestic cume in its tote bag.

Bee Movie swarms back into the Top Ten, gathering $2.6 million for a domestic total of $121 million. (Our guess: Jerry will finish in the $130-$150 million range, depending on the boost from Christmas vacation.)


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