Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Weekend Box Office

Mr. Will Smith, to nobody's surprise, is off to a roaring start with I Am Legend. $29.5 million out of the Friday blocks. And no doubt Warner Bros. is jubilant ...

In the meantime, the semi-animated Alvin and the Chipmunks collects $13.3 million has it hacks its way through a forest of not-great reviews, making Rupert Murdoch one happy mogul.

The fourth place Enchanted closes in on $90 million as Golden Compass collects $2.6 million for a $34.6 million total.

Beowulf drops to #13, now standing with a total cume of $78.3 million.

Update: Will Smith flexes his considerable box office muscle and pulls in $76.5 million.

No surprise there.

But what is a surprise -- at least to me -- is that Alvin and the Chipmunks shakes off sucky reviews and collects $45 million. Cripes, those gimmicky 45 rpms I enjoyed when I was like, ten, must really have staying power.

Who knew Alvin and Co. were such freaking national icons? (Or maybe it's just the ongoing power of animation ...)

Elsewhere on Your B.O. Hit Parade, The Golden Compass drops 65%, collects $9 million, and now stands at $41 million. (And whether a sequel gets green-lighted is anybody's guess. I'm not holding my breath.)

Enchanted declines 44% and rakes in $6 million. $92.3 is now the total. Kevin Lima's baby will crack $100 million during Christmas vacation.

Beowulf, now at the twelfth spot, takes a 70% drop and now has $79.2 million in the till (it's doing better overseas.)

And Bee Movie declines 70% and limps back to the hive with $122.4 million in the sixteenth position.


Anonymous said...

I just Saw "Alvin"...Congrats to all. Chris Bailey did a great job with the "munks"! Pretty fun flick, a lot of kids and teens really seemed to enjoy the film. Cheers, D

Steve Hulett said...

Somebody certainly liked the flick. It had an outstanding opening weekend.

Anonymous said...

In a previous post I made a snarky remark about "Alvin & Co." - my sincere apologies. I'd have never in a gah-bah-zillion years expected it to do north of 40 million - whodathunkit?

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