Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Frosty Mid-Week Links

As winter descends, midweek 'toon links turn to awards ... and other things.

“Ratatouille,” the tale of a rodent chef, amassed 13 nominations, including best feature, when the Annie Awards, honoring animation, were announced yesterday, The Associated Press reported. In the competition for best animated feature film it was joined by “Bee Movie,” “Surf’s Up,” “Persepolis” and “The Simpsons Movie.”

Sorry to learn of animation exec Jennifer Davidson's passing:

Cartoon Network senior executive Jennifer Davidson, one of the first employees hired by the channel, has died of a sudden illness at a hospital near her home in Atlanta. She was 38.

Davidson, who died unexpectedly Saturday morning, had been senior vp programming and scheduling at Cartoon since September, where she was responsible for overseeing the day-to-day scheduling and strategic positioning of on-air content for Cartoon and Boomerang as well as on-air promotion for Adult Swim.

Happy Birthday Scrooge McDuck! Wade Sampson at Mouse Planet gives us a short history of Mr. McDuck, beginning with his introduction to an eagerly awaiting world in December 1947...

Scrooge McDuck is celebrating the 60th anniversary of his comic book birth ("Christmas on Bear Mountain" 1947), the 40th anniversary of his first animated film appearance ("Scrooge McDuck and Money" 1967) and the 20th anniversary of his appearance on a successful television series ("Duck Tales" 1987).

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