Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A quiet afternoon's picketing

Busy, busy, busy. The morning was spent at Disney Toons and Disney TVA. Toons is deep in Tinkerbell #2 (don't ask me what the actual title is, since I've no idea); I'm told that Tink the Third is in draft script form but not yet boarded ...

This afternoon I picketed with the WGA in front of Warner Bros. at the same spot where the Battle of Warner Bros. was fought sixty-two years ago. (Happily, it was much quieter today.)

One of the WGA strike captains there have been smaller, early morning shifts of picketers covering the Warners gates at 5:00 a.m., larger groups happening later in the day. Leadership is telling everybody to remain "guardedly optimistic," but not to anticipate an end to the strike at any specific time. "They said it might go on a little while longer or a lot longer, but that nobody should make personal assumptions about exact dates. Because if it goes beyond that, there'll be a letdown ..."

Nobody's spirits were flagging today. People are still into it.


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