Thursday, October 02, 2008

58 Years Ago Today iconic group of cartoon characters ... and an empire ... were born:.

Originally called “Lil' Folks,” the strip was renamed “Peanuts” by United Feature Syndicate, the first publisher to syndicate the comic. According to the Schulz Museum, it was a name [Charles] Schulz never really liked.

Through five decades the "Peanuts" rolled on. From comic strip, to books, to gargantuan merchandising, then to Broadway and years of animated television specials.

"Peanuts" helped cement the fame and fortune of a young Latino animator named Bill Melendez who walked out on strike at the Disney Studios in 1941, and gave long-term employment to a lot of Los Angeles animation artists for a lot of years.

So here's to Charles M. Schulz, fifty-eight years after the births of his famous brain children.


Larry Levine said...

Charles M. Schulz was a genius who forever changed the 'funny pages' landscape.

Though my inital childhood exposure to Peanuts was through the television specials (back then an animated 'CBS Special Presentation' was an event), I soon discovered the Pocket reprint books and became inspired & awed by this great strip (and Schulz).

Happy Birthday to the Peanuts gang & many thanks for 58 years (and counting) of smiles.

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