Friday, October 24, 2008

Bolt Pushback

The Big Mouse has sunk big bucks into its next doggie picture, and it's pulling out all the stops. Apparently some of the theatre chains in and around the fruited plain aren't happy:

... [Disney] attached a six-minute-long promotion for the 3-D family flick -- about a superhero dog -- to film prints of its box-office hit "Beverly Hills Chihuahua," numerous theater owners said Disney had gone too far.

Theater owners said the "Bolt" spot intruded on their screen time and not only made "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" run longer than it should but also cost them time that the theater owners could fill -- with other showings or their own commercials.

Some of the nation's top theater chains complained to Disney that the extended trailer violated a long-standing agreement about where trailers can be placed and how long they can run ...

The studio has a lot riding on the Pixar team's first Disney feature out of the blocks. For obvious reasons, the company wants it to be a sizable hit, and if Diz ruffles distributors' feathers in order to get it, that's a price the conglom is willing to pay.

Madagascar Too is going to be out there offering hot competition, so the Mouse House is going to use all the tools at its disposal. If AMC and Regal don't like it, tough. I'm sure Disney's attitude is: "Suck it up."

Since I'm a self-serving twerp, I want both pictures to be major, box office hits.


Anonymous said...

Heya Steve. Do you think it might be confusing to call it the "Pixar team?" There's already enough false press about Bolt being made by Pixar...

I agree with you though, i want both to be wildly successful. And honestly, the theaters complaining about a 6 minute trailer for a film making them millions of dollars, (which will eventually lead to them making even more money when Bolt comes out) is kind of like biting the hand that feeds you, isnt it?

I mean, no one complained when there was a 8 minute Dark Knight trailer, so it sounds to me like execs just playing favorites.

Steve Hulett said...

Do you think it might be confusing to call it the "Pixar team?"

Only if people aren't paying attention. But folks around here are fully attentive, right?

Anonymous said...

Oh, boo hoo, poor theatre owners, having to show actual entertainment instead of obnoxious commercials to hapless customers. I HATE commercials in theaters. (For one thing, there's no mute button as per the TV at home). Are the theaters also going to scream when Disney starts producing shorts again?

Anonymous said...

What anonymous #2 said.

Some of these exibs always kick & scream. In this case SIX MINUTES isn't going to cause them to lose a screening or mess up schedules-that's ridiculous.

I'm sure it has more to do with-

a) they would lose 6 minutes of AWFUL commercials that they get $$$ from screening(seriously, trailers are one thing, but actual TV commercials? Everyone hates them), and-

b) God forbid parents and kids rush into the seats 6 minutes before the feature to watch BOLT clips instead of standing that much longer at the candy counter getting drinks and crap--where the REAL revenue is.

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