Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Corny Cole has lost his home in the Marek fire

This just in from Cartoon Brew:

Legendary animator and CalArts faculty Corny Cole has lost his home and everything in it during the recent fires in Southern California. Corny evacuated before the fire hit and is unharmed, but his home, pets, and all of his artwork, save for what he has in his office at CalArts, are gone.

KTTV has a report with video.

The legendary Corny Cole is one of the great animators -- and characters -- in our business. He has worked in the business for over fifty years and has taught at CalArts for over twenty. It's good to know that he was uninjured, but our hearts go out to him for his devastating loss.


Anonymous said...

That's terrible. I cant imagine losing my entire home...and hearing his pets were lost as well is awful

Anonymous said...

Is anyone organizing a benefit to get him a place?

RedDiabla said...

Some of the folks who read Cartoon Brew called CalArts to see what can be done. The school apparently will be organizing a fundraiser for Corny.

He's an amazing guy and artist...glad he got out of the literal line of fire.

Jeff Massie said...

I've also contacted CalArts, and when I have details they'll be posted here and on the e-mail list.

Anonymous said...

as a Calarts alum and former Corny Cole student. please let us know how or where we can help if we are not living in the L.A. area and get help to Corny Cole by way of donation.


Anonymous said...

Oh, no ... that is horrible news. I'm just sick to hear about this happening to anyone, but especially one of our own . All that wonderful artwork and his poor pets . This is heartbreaking.

This really hits home for me too because I used to live in Lake View Terrace near to where this happened. This could have been me.

Please do keep us informed of how to contribute to the fundraiser .

Corny, if you're reading this, hang in there and know that a lot of us are pulling for you and care for you.

Anonymous said...

The character animation faculty and Calarts staff are in the process of setting up a donation program for Corny. They are looking for donations to help his immediate needs.

One can call the character animation department at Calarts for more details (661) 255-1050

Anonymous said...

The Creative Talent Network has set up a fund where you can donate to Corny Cole. This is the link to the Paypal account.

David said...

Below is a clickable version of the link to the Creative Talent Network fundraiser to help Corny.

Click the link below to go to the PayPal account set up to take donations for Corny Cole:

CTN Corny Cole Fund

BobbyC said...

Dear Corny - We are so sad and want to know what we can do that would make you feel a little bit better. Call Bob and Jeudi 310 457-3512 if you read this message.

You are in our thoughts. In fact we were just talking to a friend about your remarkable career.

We love you very very much!

Bob and Jeudi Curtis

Jeff Massie said...

Here's a followup about the efforts to help Corny Cole.

Jeff Massie said...

Creative Talent Network will be collecting contributions through the PayPal account up until Friday, October 24 at midnight.

deniseletter said...

Where can spread more effectively this news to help Corny?

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