Saturday, October 18, 2008

AB 10: The roll of (dis)honor

Earlier this month, Steve Hulett blogged about AB 10, the bill passed by the California Legislature and signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger that strips overtime protection from high-tech workers, including many non-union CG artists and technicians.

AB 10 passed the Senate by a vote of 28 to 8, and the Assembly by a vote of 56 to 19. AB 10 was virtually unprecedented in that it was a bill affecting private-sector workers that was rammed through as part of the state budget "compromise". Along with the entire Republican delegations of both houses, a large number of Democrats voted in favor of AB 10, most of whom were motivated by the push to approved a budget quickly under the threat of the Governor's veto pen.

Below, courtesy of the California Labor Federation, is the roll call of the Assembly and Senate on AB 10.

  • The "no" votes in favor of protecting overtime are marked in blue -- these are the "good guys".

  • The "yes" votes in favor of stripping overtime provisions are marked in red -- these are the "bad guys".

  • Abstentions and absences are in grey.

To find your home district for either house, go to the Assembly home page and click on "Find My District" (the Senate home page uses the same search engine). Look at the list below to see if your rep is a "good guy" or a "bad guy". Follow the link to your representatives' website and e-mails, and respond accordingly.

We reward our friends and punish our enemies.

-- Samuel Gompers, founder of the American Federation of Labor


  • 1st Senate District: Dave Cox ... VOTE: Yes

  • 2nd Senate District: Pat Wiggins ... VOTE: Yes

  • 3rd Senate District: Carole Migden ... VOTE: Yes

  • 4th Senate District: Sam Aanestad ... VOTE: Yes

  • 5th Senate District: Michael Machado ... VOTE: Yes

  • 6th Senate District: Darrell Steinberg ... VOTE: Yes

  • 7th Senate District: Tom Torlakson ... VOTE: No

  • 8th Senate District: Leland Yee ... VOTE: No

  • 9th Senate District: Don Perata ... VOTE: Yes

  • 10th Senate District: Ellen M. Corbett ... VOTE: No

  • 11th Senate District: Joe Simitian ... VOTE: Yes

  • 12th Senate District: Jeff Denham ... VOTE: Yes

  • 13th Senate District: Elaine Alquist ... VOTE: Yes

  • 14th Senate District: Dave Cogdill ... VOTE: Yes

  • 15th Senate District: Abel Maldonado ... VOTE: Yes

  • 16th Senate District: Dean Florez ... VOTE: Yes

  • 17th Senate District: George Runner ... VOTE: Yes

  • 18th Senate District: Roy Ashburn ... VOTE: Yes

  • 19th Senate District: Tom McClintock ... VOTE: Yes

  • 20th Senate District: Alex Padilla ... VOTE: Yes

  • 21st Senate District: Jack Scott ... VOTE: Yes

  • 22nd Senate District: Gilbert Cedillo ... VOTE: No

  • 23rd Senate District: Sheila Kuehl ... VOTE: No

  • 24th Senate District: Gloria Romero ... VOTE: No

  • 25th Senate District: Edward Vincent ... VOTE: Yes

  • 26th Senate District: Mark Ridley-Thomas ... VOTE: Abstain

  • 27th Senate District: Alan Lowenthal ... VOTE: Abstain

  • 28th Senate District: Jenny Oropeza ... VOTE: No

  • 29th Senate District: Bob Margett ... VOTE: Yes

  • 30th Senate District: Ronald S. Calderon ... VOTE: Yes

  • 31st Senate District: Robert Dutton ... VOTE: Yes

  • 32nd Senate District: Gloria Negrete McLeod ... VOTE: Abstain

  • 33rd Senate District: Dick Ackerman ... VOTE: Yes

  • 34th Senate District: Lou Correa ... VOTE: Yes

  • 35th Senate District: Tom Harman ... VOTE: Yes

  • 36th Senate District: Dennis Hollingsworth ... VOTE: Yes

  • 37th Senate District: Jim Battin ... VOTE: Yes

  • 38th Senate District: Mark Wyland ... VOTE: Yes

  • 39th Senate District: Christine Kehoe ... VOTE: No

  • 40th Senate District: Denise Moreno Ducheny ... VOTE: Abstain


  • 1st Assembly District: Patty Berg ... VOTE: Yes

  • 2nd Assembly District: Doug La Malfa ... VOTE: Yes

  • 3rd Assembly District: Rick Keene ... VOTE: Yes

  • 4th Assembly District: Ted Gaines ... VOTE: Yes

  • 5th Assembly District: Roger Niello ... VOTE: Yes

  • 6th Assembly District: Jared Huffman ... VOTE: No

  • 7th Assembly District: Noreen Evans ... VOTE: Yes

  • 8th Assembly District: Lois Wolk ... VOTE: Yes

  • 9th Assembly District: Dave Jones ... VOTE: No

  • 10th Assembly District: Alan Nakanishi ... VOTE: Yes

  • 11th Assembly District: Mark DeSaulnier ... VOTE: No

  • 12th Assembly District: Fiona Ma ... VOTE: Yes

  • 13th Assembly District: Mark Leno ... VOTE: No

  • 14th Assembly District: Loni Hancock ... VOTE: No

  • 15th Assembly District: Guy S. Houston ... VOTE: Yes

  • 16th Assembly District: Sandre R. Swanson ... VOTE: No

  • 17th Assembly District: Cathleen Galgiani ... VOTE: Yes

  • 18th Assembly District: Mary Hayashi ... VOTE: No

  • 19th Assembly District: Gene Mullin ... VOTE: No

  • 20th Assembly District: Alberto Torrico ... VOTE: Yes

  • 21st Assembly District: Ira Ruskin ... VOTE: Yes

  • 22nd Assembly District: Sally J. Lieber ... VOTE: Yes

  • 23rd Assembly District: Joe Coto ... VOTE: Yes

  • 24th Assembly District: Jim Beall Jr. ... VOTE: No

  • 25th Assembly District: Tom Berryhill ... VOTE: Yes

  • 26th Assembly District: Greg Aghazarian ... VOTE: Yes

  • 27th Assembly District: John Laird ... VOTE: No

  • 28th Assembly District: Anna M. Caballero ... VOTE: Yes

  • 29th Assembly District: Michael N. Villines ... VOTE: Yes

  • 30th Assembly District: Nicole Parra ... VOTE: Yes

  • 31st Assembly District: Juan Arambula ... VOTE: Yes

  • 32nd Assembly District: Jean Fuller ... VOTE: Yes

  • 33rd Assembly District: Sam Blakeslee ... VOTE: Yes

  • 34th Assembly District: Bill Maze ... VOTE: Yes

  • 35th Assembly District: Pedro Nava ... VOTE: No

  • 36th Assembly District: Sharon Runner ... VOTE: Yes

  • 37th Assembly District: Audra Strickland ... VOTE: Yes

  • 38th Assembly District: Cameron Smyth ... VOTE: Yes

  • 39th Assembly District: Felipe Fuentes ... VOTE: Abstain

  • 40th Assembly District: Lloyd E. Levine ... VOTE: Yes

  • 41st Assembly District: Julia Brownley ... VOTE: No

  • 42nd Assembly District: Mike Feuer ... VOTE: No

  • 43rd Assembly District: Paul Krekorian ... VOTE: Abstain

  • 44th Assembly District: Anthony J. Portantino ... VOTE: No

  • 45th Assembly District: Kevin de Leon ... VOTE: Yes

  • 46th Assembly District: Fabian Núñez ... VOTE: Yes

  • 47th Assembly District: Karen Bass ... VOTE: Yes

  • 48th Assembly District: Mike Davis ... VOTE: Abstain

  • 49th Assembly District: Mike Eng ... VOTE: Abstain

  • 50th Assembly District: Hector De La Torre ... VOTE: Yes

  • 51st Assembly District: Curren D. Price Jr. ... VOTE: No

  • 52nd Assembly District: Mervyn M. Dymally ... VOTE: Yes

  • 53rd Assembly District: Ted W. Lieu ... VOTE: Yes

  • 54th Assembly District: Betty Karnette ... VOTE: No

  • 55th Assembly District: Warren T. Furutani ... VOTE: No

  • 56th Assembly District: Tony Mendoza ... VOTE: No

  • 57th Assembly District: Edward P. Hernandez ... VOTE: Abstain

  • 58th Assembly District: Charles M. Calderon ... VOTE: Yes

  • 59th Assembly District: Anthony Adams ... VOTE: Yes

  • 60th Assembly District: Bob Huff ... VOTE: Yes

  • 61st Assembly District: Nell Soto ... VOTE: Absent

  • 62nd Assembly District: Wilmer Amina Carter ... VOTE: Yes

  • 63rd Assembly District: Bill Emmerson ... VOTE: Yes

  • 64th Assembly District: John J. Benoit ... VOTE: Yes

  • 65th Assembly District: Paul Cook ... VOTE: Yes

  • 66th Assembly District: Kevin Jeffries ... VOTE: Yes

  • 67th Assembly District: Jim Silva ... VOTE: Yes

  • 68th Assembly District: Van Tran ... VOTE: Yes

  • 69th Assembly District: Jose Solorio ... VOTE: Yes

  • 70th Assembly District: Chuck DeVore ... VOTE: Yes

  • 71st Assembly District: Todd Spitzer ... VOTE: Yes

  • 72nd Assembly District: Michael D. Duvall ... VOTE: Yes

  • 73rd Assembly District: Mimi Walters ... VOTE: Yes

  • 74th Assembly District: Martin Garrick ... VOTE: Yes

  • 75th Assembly District: George A. Plescia ... VOTE: Yes

  • 76th Assembly District: Lori Saldaña ... VOTE: Yes

  • 77th Assembly District: Joel Anderson ... VOTE: Yes

  • 78th Assembly District: Shirley Horton ... VOTE: Yes

  • 79th Assembly District: Mary Salas ... VOTE: No

  • 80th Assembly District: Bonnie Garcia ... VOTE: Yes


Anonymous said...

Great! More flexibility between worker and employer without state mandated schedules.

Thanks for highlighting this important bill!

Anonymous said...

The more and more I see worker abuse like this, the more I want to run my own business instead of working for someone else. :^(

I like where I work now as a LightWave 3D artist. If it ends, though, I should either work only union jobs (a.k.a.: "Learn Maya") or work solely for myself.

Aniranter said...

I hope that animators take this opportunity to email their representatives; I know I did.

No one is gonna help us except ourselves. Rolling over and taking the crap the studios shell out hasn't worked for us too well this decade.

SAY something about it.

Anonymous said...

You have no clue about the unintended consequences of this bill... it is poorly worded and non-specific.

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