Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend B.O. goes to the dog(s)

As we make our way through the Indian-summer lull between the end of the summer releases and the start of the Oscar/holiday season, Beverly Hills Chihuahua leads a weak b.o. field for the second week running with $17.5 million, down 42% from its first week.

The cute-doggies-with-human-voices flick, which opened last week to unexpectedly rapturous reviews and significant Oscar buzz*, beat out the premiering horror cheapie Quarantine ($14.2 mil), which may or may not make it into second place ahead of the big-budget DiCaprio/Crowe/Ridley Scott thriller Body Of Lies ($13.1 mil).

Igor, the highest ranked animated feature this weekend, has dropped six places to nineteenth, with the lowest per-screen average ($446) of the top twenty.

As always, these numbers are subject to change; we'll see how this contest lines up when the final numbers come out tomorrow.

* yeah, right


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