Monday, October 06, 2008

At the Big Diz

Today was Disney Animation Studio day, and I hit three floors of the hat building in my never-ending quest to spread joy and goodwill wherever I go.

A few cryptic comments about the imploding financial system and stock markets ("I'm afraid to look at my retirement accounts...") but other than that minor hiccup, smiles were sunny ...

One of the survivors of the recent round of Bolt layoffs told me:

"The last two scenes of the doggie picture are at the render farm, and we're waiting for work on the next project."

Story work on Princess and the Frog is in the End Times, meaning that when revised panels from the last screening are complete, the boarding part of the flick is pretty close to complete. (Of course, you understand that most with most animated features, tweaks go on like forever ... or until a month before the epic is in theatres.)


Anonymous said...

Seen any more footage of Princess? What do the artist think of it?

Any news on Rapunzel's story? I've been hearing rumbles about the story finally working in all three acts?

Anonymous said...

Steve ... you know something if Mike Gabriel will direct the animated feature film that will be the next after 'King of the Elves'?

It will be 2D or 3D? What is the title?

Steve Hulett said...

Re Rapunzel: the story crew has been upbeat about it for some time.

Re Mike gabriel: I know there is something in early early development that coulde be hand-drawn. But I ain't talking about what it is, or who the director is.

I need more grief like I need stock options in enron.

Anonymous said...

Steve... Where are my car keys? Do these pants make me look fat? Is a dog's mouth cleaner than a human's?

Anonymous said...

Steve said: "Re Rapunzel: the story crew has been upbeat about it for some time."

After Glen Keane left the project along with his co-director over the weekend, I wonder how the story crew feels? It appears Mr. Lasseter wasn't too happy after he watched the latest story up on reels.

Back to the drawing board, I guess.

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