Saturday, October 25, 2008

Your Weekend B.O.

Is as pungent as expected.

High School Musical, The Theater Version, takes off like the proverbial rocket as 'tweens shove through the turnstyles to see what they used to get on the Disney Channel for free. Friday's haul for the Mouse House totals $16.9 million.

Saw the Fifth hacks through rancid reviews and draws in the horror-pic set (who usually cause these pics to be heavily front-loaded), achieving a per-screen average only slightly below the teen-age singers and dancers.

Beverly Hills Bow Wow drops to fifth, but has now ticked over the $73 million threshhold, making Robert Iger one happy CEO.

Add On: The weekend is in, and we can safely say that musicals have resurged, big time.

High School Musical 3 drops a bit on Saturday, but still rakes in $42 million (on a purported $11 million budget.)

Saw V collects $30 million.

In fourth place, the semi-animated Beverly Hills Dhihuahua drop 39.5%, second lowest of any flick in the Top Ten, and now stands at $78.1 million.

New entry Pride and Glory lands with a dull thud, takes $6.3 million in a lacklustre frame.


Anonymous said...

the popularity of this franchise confirms that every single kid in america is extremely gay.

Anonymous said...

That's because they're being taught all about Gay marriage in school!!! ;)

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