Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Film Roman -- NOT For Sale

The last few weeks, rumors have been rampant that Starz Media was putting Film Roman -- their animation studio -- on the sales block. When I wandered FR's halls, any of number of artists said "The company is definitely selling us" ... "There are four bidders" ... etc.

Today a highly placed Romanian told me:

"Starz took the "For Sale" sign for Film Roman down last week. Execs here plan to do some interesting new things with the studio, and it won't be going to any bidders anytime soon ..."

This is great news, I think. But it points up the fact that all that scuttlebutt I heard? About Starz selling the place?

Apparently true.


Anonymous said...

Today, Film Roman's direct-do-DVD project Dead Space: Downfall was quietly released by its sister entity Manga Entertainment.

In all honesty it's a piece of garbage. It was made on super-tight deadlines and is really nothing more than a cash grab since the video game has been doing so well.

Anonymous said...

Probably all the bids were embarrassingly low. The studio has no library assets. Once the Simpsons ceases production, the company will probably fold.

Steve Hulett said...

On the bright side, the Wubbsy series is doing well in DVD. Far better than anticipated.

And execs have the expectation another Simpsons movie will be made.

This is like betting that the sun will rise tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

When assessing the FR situatuion, people on here always seem to ignore the little show that keeps on chugging in the background.. King of the Hill. The show is very well run, therefore cost effective, still has good scripts ,and a loyal following. Oh and need I mention... the voice actors make a decent,but not bank-breaking salary.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Fox will not be renewing KotH.

Anonymous said...

Yeah-- --the item was leaked prematurely. However,, we just had a meeting and apparently this is a negotiation tactic; is NOT FINAL--there has not been a finale episode outlined --it's all still in talks.

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