Saturday, January 17, 2009

El Box Office

Last week's turnstile winners move down the rope ladder as the top three positions are occupied by newcomers Mall Cop, Notorious, and My Bloody Valentine 3-D.

Body parts are lopped off. Pick axes are stabbed at the camera. There's even a completely naked girl chased by the killer, in glorious 3D. This movie spoke to me.

As, apparently, it speaks to avid movie audiences nationwide. Yum!

What with all the newcomers and epansion of art-house flick, animated features have been pushed out of the Top Twenty. But as of January 15, The Tale of Despereaux is closing in on $50 million, and Bolt has garnered $112 million domestically and a grand total of $185.3 million worldwide.

Add On: Paul Blart: Mall Cop rakes in $33 million and the top spot, as last week's crime fighter -- Gran Torino falls a mild 24.6% to #2.

My Bloody valentine 3-D -- clearly the date movie du jour, lands in the third position with $21.9 million. And as Mr. Mojo says:

“It was the highest-grossing MLK weekend ever,” said Brandon Gray, publisher of Box Office Mojo ... “‘Paul Blart’ certainly led the way with the most impressive opening for the weekend. ‘Paul Blart’ exceeded expectations based on historical antecedents.”

On the animated side, The Tale of Despereaux plunged 73.6%, falling from #13 to #24, and stalls out a million bucks shy of the $50 million mark. Funny about them foreign animations, they seem to lose engine thrust when they fly within hailing distance of that magic $50 mill.


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