Monday, January 26, 2009

Tintin in 3-D MoCap!

I read my first Tintin comic in 19-freaking-56. And now, fifty-three years later, Spielberg-Jackson are at last shooting footage.

On Monday, Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment began principal photography on their Steven Spielberg-directed motion-capture 3-D feature "The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn." ...

The "Tintin" film project has been in the works for decades. Spielberg first optioned the material in 1983, and he and Jackson spent much of 2008 running animation tests and developing the script ...

I hope the animation tests were up to everyone's exacting standards. Since I've wondered about a movie version since I was seven years old, it's only right.

Personally, I'm not sure mocap is the best route to take, but I'm willing to withhold judgment. (Big of me, innit?)


Anonymous said...

if it looks anything like Polar Express or Beowulf then that would be a travesty.

But... one can always hope. It is spielberg and Jackson after all.

Anonymous said...



You ARE old.

What's that like in dog years? Like, a thousand or something? Did they have cars back then? What was it like before television? Oh, and that's when you had to have a Zoetrope to see an animated film, wasn't it?


Anonymous said...

The only reason I have ANY hope for this if because Jackson is involved. Am I assuming correctly that Weta is doing the animation/mocap?

Anonymous said...

You want to see Tintin in Live action film? 2 of them were done in the 60s, "Tintin et le mystere de la Toison d'or" ( Tintin and the Golden Fleece mystery) and "Tintin et les oranges bleues".

The Toison d'or was the most popular of the 2 and I've seen it many times as a kid. Look it up on YouTube:

Steve Hulett said...


I was seven. Living in a cuckoo clock chalet-type boarding school in the Swiss Alps, with my brother.

Our parents had stuck us in there because our father (the guy whose Christmas cards I put up here around the yuletide) was in Europe painting for a year ... and the Swiss boarding school was his alternative to killing us with his bare hands.

Which he was close to doing because Brother and I were riding around with Dad and our mother in the back of a VeeDub and were not good travellers. We whined in a pretty obnoxious way, and our parents thought their heads would explode if they didn't put us someplace they weren't.

That turned out to be this boarding school run by two little old ladies high in the mountains. And in this boarding school, I came across my first Tintin comic, hardbound, in French.

I knew how to read a little bit of French then. And I was entranced. I'd never seen a comic book that fat or ... what's the word? ... complex before.

Anonymous said...

The screenwriter, Steven Moffat, is very good. Peter Jackson's comment from a while back-- something like, "they'll look like Herge people, but with every pore on their skin visible"-- give one pause. Let's hope the animation tests of the last year came up with something better.

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