Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Second to Last Post on the 2009 SAG Strike

And put up now because I'm still getting anxious questions about SAG hitting the bricks. (Today it was board artists at Fox Animation, veterans of last year's WGA strike.)

If news reports are right, the fustercluck known as the 2009 SAG job action is on the cusp of messy implosion:

A coalition of Screen Actors Guild board members introduced a resolution calling for Doug Allen, the guild's executive director and chief negotiator, to be fired. The move was the latest sign of turmoil in a union that has a history of internal strife and warring among its members.

This is old news by now, but I lunched today with a TAG officer and we both agreed on one inescapable reality.

The leadership of the Screen Actors Guild is really, really loused up. "Dysfunctional" doesn't begin to describe these folks.

But there is one silver lining: There is probably next to no chance that the actors will drag the industry over the cliff as they brawl, at least during this contract cycle.

When SAG finally gets around to ratifying the AMPTP's final offer, I'll put up the final post on this subject.


Anonymous said...

No way this is the second to last post on this subject. Allen and Rosenberg still have a few shakes and shivers left in their death rattle. By god there's still a chance they can completely destroy what's left of the Hollywood system and show how powerful they are.

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