Sunday, January 04, 2009

'Toons Beyond the Seas

As the world sinks into recession, animated features keep racking up big numbers:

Over the first weekend of 2009, "Madagascar 2" continued the trend of major returns on highly recognizable franchises as it easily won with $32.2 million at 6,771 playdates in 60 territories. Par's animated sequel has led foreign biz for three consecutive sessions and cumed $340 million in overseas coin -- $2 million ahead of the original "Madagascar." ...

Disney's "Bolt" with $11.9 million at 2,870 in 25 markets. ..."Wall-E," its top 2008 entry, led in Japan with $3.7 million in its fifth weekend, up 180%, to push foreign cume to $298 million ...

Univeral ... ended 2008 modestly with "The Tale of Despereaux" taking $5 milion at 1,815 in ten markets to push the 'toon's foreign cume to to $7 million ...

You will note that the big winners here were the domesticaly made features, most in California. ("Horton Hears a Who" -- created on the right coast -- did nicely for Fox).

As we've mentioned, Tinsel Town won't stop making movies that generate three-figure returns domestically and overseas. They are, after all, in the business to make money. As U.S.-produced animated features continue to rake in Big Bucks, domestic animated features will continue to get made.


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